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iOS Apps Support

picture If the app can not start, please make use of the information on this page.
If the problem is not resolved, please contact the helpdesk.


Unsupported devices

If the unofficial OS, software has been installed, we don't support it.
Such as
  - Custom firmware
  - Rooted device, Rootkit
  - Jailbreak

App might not start normally.


Reinstall the App

Step 1) Uninstall the app.
  ** Uninstall app, you can do when you press the icon long.

Step 2) Reboot your unit.
  Because the data files may have been remains locked,
  To restart your unit will solves this problem.

Step 3) Check your unit's status as ONLINE (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi).
Step 4) Reinstall the app via App Store.
  For problem before launch the app such as "do not complete the installation",
  we can not support it. Please contact App Store support.

Step 5) Launch the app!